At Langplaas Boerdery we are passionate about healthy and sustainable farming. We do not only talk the talk but walk the talk as well. During the past decade, we have gained valuable practical experience and developed unique ways to minimalize our chemical footprint. Some of these methods can be grouped into the use of cover crops, specific organic inputs, diverse species of beneficial soil organisms and a well-planned crop rotation cycle.

In most cases our MRL’s are ZERO. Testing every field for MRL’s a week or two before harvesting, we have become confident in claiming ZERO levels in most of our crops. The bottom line is that we do not like chemicals, especially when they are hazardous for soil health, our own health and our customers’ health.

We recognize that following this unconventional way of farming is a challenging and risky journey, nevertheless the reward of delivering healthy, mineral dense produce whilst sustaining the soil and climate for future generations to use, is priceless.

Join us on this mission when you buy our produce at major retailers, fresh markets and fruit & vegetable shops globally. Contact us now!

As our slogan goes,” healthy soil results in healthy plants that in turn results in healthy people“.


We have created a business to help other farmers follow in our footsteps!
Langplaas Organics Products provide growers with natural and affordable alternatives to chemicals, enabling them to sustainably and profitably produce healthy, flavourful and mineral dense food for everyone to enjoy. We offer a variety of alternative products including humates, fulvic acids, natural pest control solutions, cover crop seed and Bio fertilizers. Langplaas Organics Services consult farmers with critical information by taking sap and soil analysis which in many cases is needed to make the correct changes while it serves as a pointer whereby
growth can be measured. This information instructs our advice to farmers how to achieve soil
fertility by taking the most productive route without “burning their fingers”.!


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